PARRY-is a fashion label derives from HONGYUAN GROUP, which founded in 2004. Specially producing PVC knife coated tarpaulin material, for tent and truck cover. Because of its extremely ability of tough, permanent waterproof, eco-friendly, colorful, easily printed on. It's warmly welcomed by customers with domestic and overseas. 

Mr. Parry Pu, founder of the group, is big fans of sea fishing. One day, on the famous oil field of China south sea.

when he experienced his fishing travelling with his friends, an idea crashed on his brain. As he realized most of the shoulder bags for fishing made of woven polyester canvas, which will be easily get wet and ripped by hooks. And also boxes for carrying were way of too heavy. 

He blurt out even without thinking " Why not tarpaulin?" . 

After he come back, he started TARPAULIN SPORTS BAGS business, mainly for cycling, fishing and travelling, and named him "PARRY".

All PARRYs made of knife coated tarpaulin, they are tough, 100% waterproof, eco-friendly, with lifetime warranty.

You will never hesitate to cycling in the rain or put your wet towel directly into your bag, you can even fishing a fish in PARRY!